Monday, 14 November 2016

Cyber Smart Game

Bulla Blogging world 

I am so excited to blog about my learning because I have not blog about my learning because I have not blog about my learning for like about maybe 1 to 2 weeks.

 Today I will be blogging about a game that man called Mr Hopkins created.When we were starting up the games and listing to the rules and reading the rules.If we wanted we could be with a buddy or we could just work independently if  wanted to.

This is a link to the Game called Cyber Smart Game This is a picture of what the game looks like.

\The first thing that we did was we run through the rules
then we look for a buddy if we wanted one 
then we went of with our buddy  Then we started to play the game when we started

Their was this little generate that look just like a dice 

Then we started to do the tasks on the game.



  1. Hi Valerie here is a link to my have to highlight my link to go to my screencastify

  2. HI VALERIE I LOVED THE WAY YOU TOLD US WHAT YOU WERE WRITING ABOUT! I also liked the way you said a name instead of saying him. I hope you can comment on my blog it is. DIVYA@MAYROADSCHOOL.